Sunday, October 6, 2013

DC: Cup(s)

Our theme this time is dear to me, a object that has been an important symbol in my personal artistic lexicon: the cup.
detail from one of my paintings from last year, acrylic collage on canvas

For me, cups represent abundance, blessing, nurture and sustenance.

pigma pen and inktense pencil in 8x6 sketchbook

cup on my studio window ledge

My tarot suit is the Cups.

I have carried the Waite deck with me for fourty-plus years now.

As a young woman, I identified with the Page card of my suit.
My best friend in High School made me a cap like the Page wears.
Now that I am a woman of some considerable years, my card has become the Queen of Cups.

If you come to visit Flossy and I in my studio, you will be offered to drink tea from the cup on the left.
pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 sketchbook
Many thanks to Stefanie, our hostess for this challenge.  Please visit her enchanting place for a full measure of more cups from marvelous artists from around the world.


  1. Sus, balancing a cup on her finger while all that is happening on her head....and a hand on her hip? How does she do it? I'm excited to think I'll be drinking out of your cup next summer. xo Carole

  2. a wonderful post! yes, you are the queen of cups! It would be great to have a tea with you and lovely flossy in your studio with this beautiful view!
    :-)) mano

  3. A beautiful drawing. Thank you for sharing your story of cups.

  4. I especially like the fish-print-cup :)

  5. so fascinating, thank you for sharing such a personal story and all your cups, I would love to have a drink in your studio with flossy and you! the drawing is amazing, love the hair which goes over into steam or is it water...
    thank you x stefanie

  6. hi susan, so nice to meet you!
    i like your drawing of the fishcup and your version of the tarot card - seems to be a cup full of life!

  7. I love everything you posted for this DC, I'm fascinated by the card...Queen of cups...WOW! love that! And the last drawing with the cup balancing, that funny and a strong picture!

  8. that sweet fish on the cup
    and the queen with a cup
    balancing on her finger!
    it would be lovely queen of cups
    to have some tea while talking,
    a little drawing and enjoying (me!) that view

    Patrice A.

  9. Dear Sus,
    you speak in such a gentle way... I have goosebumps, dear Queen of the Cups. Lovely how you were turning into this one (woman of considerable years...)
    Love your drawing, balancing the cup (container) with only one finger (elegant), fed by your own source (water, source of life) and containing a whole city and the moon and the sun... the firmament, oh Atlas?! Sometimes a heavy job.
    Very inspiring!

    xo Ariane.

  10. I share your admiration of the cup too and use it as well in my own lexicon :) I've always viewed it as a container, a way to contain or vessel- which can hold so much- I love the abundance view point and that you have such a history with it.
    Wonderful post :)

    I am host up next if you'd care to join- I'd love to have you :)

  11. Those pyrex cups are the best hey? They hold 8 cups in measure. They are serious business. I love mine. When I see them at (wait for it...) Value Village I automatically buy them and give them away they are just so great to have. They are such strong glass and so big, that I just use them for a mixing bowl. Perfect for pancakes and the like. They withstand the beaters of an electric mixer no problem.
    Okay so do you read cards for people? Or, just for yourself? It is truly great that you've been carrying them on your person for nigh all of these years. Brava Sus!!
    I love the magical headgear in your drawing. Those dangly flowers with the stamens remind me of Lynne Hoppe and her infamous fleurs. Deeeeeelightful! *smiles* Norma, xo

  12. hello sweet queen of cups. 40+ years of carrying around the deck.... good lord, you must be swell at it??!
    and what a delightful event packed drawing you have made for the occasion!

  13. One thing is certain Sus : your Cup of Talent is filled to the brim !!!!
    Thanks for this lovely post ;-)

  14. reading your post felt a bit like sitting in your studio and you talking to me, me drinking out of that left cup and drinking in the colors of your work too.
    your queen of cup design is very touching, flowing like water,hidden wisdom, beautiful, xx

  15. Hi, Susan, I apologize for coming to your blog almost the last day. but this week I had no rest.
    I like much your posts. is very interesting, good point, and I love your illustrations.
    good weekend for you!

  16. What a great diversity of cups! I don't know anything about Tarot and now I'm curious what it's all about the cups-cards...
    Your cup artworks are wonderful, too, I love especially the first detail!


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