Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pingo Ergo Sum

The top line of my To-Do list for last week: 
paint paint paint

Here, have a little peak at the progress:

detail, top left, acrylic collage on 60"x44" canvas

detail, bottom right, acrylic collage on 60"x44" canvas
I hope to finish this work (which will be a part of my solo exhibit next month at the Clausen Museum) tomorrow and Friday, then move back on to the silk project for the new Library here.  

Professor Michael Spafford, my beloved painting teacher and adviser at University of Washington, always made a distinction between a painting being 'complete' and being 'finished'. What do you think?

Spafford also had a sweat shirt emblazoned with the phrase:

Pingo Ergo Sum

which he translated:
I paint therefore I am.

Now that's the TRUTH for this day anyway!


  1. Looking good, sus! Congrats on having a solo show, hope it's a huge success. xo

  2. Love that yellow house at the bottom, with
    all the scribbles Sus ....
    Yes you ARE ;-)

  3. i love houses and towers, i love the way they appear in your work, x

  4. Not fair, just peaks! Sus! Love what I see and can't wait to see all! xo Carole

  5. mee too, i'm erm, intrigued, to say the least.
    it's sunday this morning, here.
    you're finished? erm, it's completed?
    love to see the end of this (sounds wrong, but you know)


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