Sunday, October 13, 2013

DC: Homage

The challenge was indeed a challenge this week, as time got away from me and I was down to the wire this evening, not an idea in my head for whom pay homage.  UNTIL...
My eyes wandered to this book:

Pablo Picasso was one of the earliest Gods in my Art Pantheon, right next to Michelangelo.  He may have been a womanizer and an egomaniac, but the man could really draw.

So in homage (which originally meant pledging fealty to a Lord) to the Great Man, an Art God still to me, I give you this humble tribute:

'Homage' -  graphite and prismacolor in 8x6 gamma

Thank you to the amazing Kristen for this week's drawing challenge.  I will be around to pay homage the other players tomorrow.  Hope you will do the same.


  1. Oh Picasso- so true- I too thought of him and the conflict I have with his personality ;)
    but like you one can't deny his brilliance and the shear prolific volume of work he created!!
    Wonderful tribute ! and thanks so much for playing along :)

  2. very inspiring and well told.
    I love your drawing with this title on the botton.
    x Stefanie

  3. I agree with you about Picasso, I felt the same and admired his work and went to a lot of exhibitions in different countries and it always was amazing and inspiring. I read a lot of books about him also and discovered more and more how egomanic and rude he was with women so that he sharply dropped in my esteem as a man - his work still remains. Your drawing is lovely and reminds me on a painting I covered and had for several years in my kitchen (one with a crazy cat, which made me smile) and I agree the writing underneath is superb.
    Have a calmer week this week.
    Barbara Bee

  4. I completely agree with you , Barbara and Kristen.
    the painting you choose here together with 'the ironer' are my blue period favorites,
    you made a beautiful homage to the artist and yes your writing beneath the drawing make it very honest and touching, xx

  5. Pablo Picasso a man of many talents from his beginning to his end. Your homage to him is lovely. I hope to meet him in the next world to ask what was up with his attitude towards women. He could draw and paint them but......!
    Have a good week, Sus. xo Carole


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