Thursday, February 20, 2014

rOy g biv

I don't mind admitting it: although I'm a gal who never met a color I didn't love, orange is a favorite of mine.  This month, the search for Roy G. Biv focuses the spotlight on orange in all its juicy, lusciousness.


Going through our accumulated treasures as I packed boxes this afternoon, I ran across a few of my favorite orange possessions.

I made this beaded pin when I was working on a detail for the Forest Service, living in a motel in San Dimas, California years ago. 
Our daughter got this tiny ring in a box of cracker jack when she was a little girl.  Made me smile, finding it again today.
Who knows where this orange feather came from, or even if it is actually a real color or dyed...
Mr. Pumpkin was found at a shop on Ballard's Market Street one rainy Saturday afternoon in autumn.  And who doesn't love the combo of chocolate and orange, exemplified by the iconic Tootsie Roll Pop?
You can find many more seekers of Orange over at Jennifer's place.  Thanks, Julie and Jennifer, for the hosting the fun!


  1. Dear Sus,
    usually I am afraid of orange... too much fire, too loud... but your treasures here makes me smile friendly, joyful :)
    And orange with pink? LOVE it! Your beaded tin is great!

    Will I see you at Renilde's stroke of brush with EYE CONTACT this weekend?

    xo Ariane.

  2. Oh, it is a PIN?? not a lid of a TIN??!

  3. Love these treasures you found! Thanks for playing along this month-Julie

  4. Finding old trinkets is such a lovely thing….perhaps that is why we keep them :-)
    Hope all is going well for you XO.

  5. Oh yes! I adore orange. Coming in to my inner orange, I think. Recently bought an orange koi windsock, love watching it wave and bob in the wind every single day. And Golden Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold -- the best color of the bunch! Pyrrole Orange is mighty fab, too.

  6. Lovely mix of orange beauties ... I'm playing as well and it has been fun visiting all the sites!

  7. that's a flicker feather, sus!


    another orange lover

  8. Love that grinning pumpkin - so cheerful in such a grey winter.

  9. What a sweet collection of little orange treasures! I'm always amazed when I find things like your daughter's Cracker Jacks ring so many years later - a reminder of how fast the years pass...

    (yet another lover of orange)

  10. I love this post- eye candy I wish I could suck on- wonderful!!

  11. Loving all the orange, but the pin and that funky pumpkin are priceless!

  12. Nice feather. Orange is a color that makes me smile, so did your photos.

  13. Orange is my favourite as well! I love its variations and how happy it is!


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