Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dyeing Scarves with Beach Stones

The day began with a walk for Flossy after I got out of my early morning water aerobics class (fondly known as the Morning Mermaids).  Patchy morning fog gave way to watery sunshine as we crossed the muskeg above town.

Once I reached the studio I quickly mixed up a new batch of dye concentrates and got out the stones Cherie and I collected several weeks ago out at the end of the road on the Rainbow Rocks beach.

I wrapped a batch of my silk scarf blanks around the stones with artificial sinew.

I also wrapped a nice stick with a scarf.  I was intending to push the scarf down on itself as in shibori but the stick was having none of it.  Fine.

After I had a half a dozen wet scarves wrapped and tied and in containers, I used the dye concentrates with citric acid left over from the Jellies project to color the scarves. 

I was trying for the wonderful celadon greens and purples I saw on the morning walk.

I was using Brilliant blue and Golden yellow, with fuscia red in various combinations.

I can't wait for tomorrow when the rinsing/washing/drying will reveal whatever magic the dye has up its sleeve!

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