Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rain Forest Festival Project #2 and New Scarves

I took the muslin figure to the woods this morning and Flossy helped me find a good place to bury her.

 Flossy is always good help in the woods.

I will dig her up in early September, right before the exhibit.

 Here are the scarves from the Thursday run, which were tied with beach rocks.


The next Rain Forest figure, in progress.  This one is made from the lichen dyed raw silk.

The end of the studio day had her this far.  I am searching for sticks for her limbs in the forest tomorrow when I go out to pick berries in the afternoon.  Now it is quite late - GOOD NIGHT!


  1. susan, i think that all of my comments here are going to be pure gushing... ; )

    these scarves are just beautiful. i love the idea of using beach rocks...

    and your next rain forest figure - oh my goodness.


  2. Thank you for viewing and gushing - I'm blushing! :-> Happy day!

  3. The photo of the white figure in the earth reminds me of Ana Mendieta siloetta (spelling?) series. I just found your blog, and will peruse more of your world... I wonder how the figure looked after burial!


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