Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday Review

I ducked into the studio yesterday to take a look at the week's work before heading out the road to pick berries.

 Detail of drawing begun on Thursday.

Detail 2

 Rain Forest Festival figure #3 (work in progress)
She is made of lichen dyed fabrics.  I am debating about the way to handle giving her a face. 

I drew an audition on a scrap of the raw silk with my micro pen; not sure this is exactly it, though.  May try my sepia micron next.  Off to the mighty mighty day job today, however.


  1. oh, this is inspiring, susan... will this rain forest figure be buried too? i just dug up a bundle that had been buried for about a year - the crocheted and tatted lace was exquisite, so if this figure is going to be buried her skirt is going to be killer when she comes back up. ;) my next batch of buried stuff will have plenty of pillowcase edgings, lace, etc. in it.

    hope you have a great week!

  2. Hey, this gives me an idea - I am going to exhibit her as unburied this year, and then bury her to be exhumed and reworked for next year's exhibit. You are a genius!


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