Friday, July 9, 2010

New School of Jellies

I have had interest in my jellyfish series by an art consultant in California, and have been asked to send down a sample.  Construction began yesterday.  I painted on silk organza I had first scoured and hemmed with machine blanket stitching.  I added citric acid to my Procion dye concentrates as fixer, as suggested by Ann Johnston, my ultimate source of guidance and wisdom in the Dye World.  Citric acid does not exhaust the dye molecules rapidly as does soda ash, which allows me time to paint in a more relaxed tempo.  It is also gentler on the silk.

Silk organza stretched on plastic atop my work table, painting in progress.

Green - mix of turquoise and lemon yellow - added to the dots.

This piece is covered with another sheet of plastic to retain moisture necessary for the curing process.  I will be washing out the dye and completing the construction of the jelly fish today (if I stay on task)!

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