Friday, July 16, 2010

Rain Forest Festival Project #1

Today I spent half the morning upstairs at the sink rinsing rinsing rinsing dye from yesterday's batch of scarves.  (They turned out great - photos tomorrow).  Once that odious task was done I got started on a project I have had in mind for almost a year for Petersburg's Rain Forest Festival art exhibit in September. 

We had a terrific lichen dye workshop at Rain Forest Festival last year.  Here is some of my product from that, which I am going to make into a series of small sculptural figures (ok, dolls).

I decided to make a prototype first from some lovely heavy duty muslin I had laying around.

Here she is, all sewn together.  I am going to bury her out in the forest until the week before the exhibit (if I can stand to wait that long) when I will exhume her and give her a face and we'll see what else.  I am hoping the time under ground will mark the fabric in some interesting ways.

1 comment:

  1. oh my, she is so lovely!! (how did i miss this post?!)

    these buttons and her shape... i think it's all just perfect.

    now i want to go make a muslin doll. : )


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