Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jellies, Part II

Today I ironed out the silk organza panels dyed for the jelly fish samples.  I was pleased with the rich blues and greens the Procion dyes gave me.  The panels range in size from approximately 40"x40" to 18"x18".

 Under-side of the green jellyfish before sewing the yarn 'tentacles' in place between the layers of organza.

After the organza was ironed, I decided which panels to combine into sets of three layers.  I painted a 10" and a 12" embroidery hoop with acrylic paint and cut my hand dyed yarns to 84" lengths while I waited for the paint to dry.  The yarn was then placed between the silk layers and secured with fusable web to stabilize during sewing which I didn't quite get around to before getting called away from the studio for the rest of the day.

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