Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dyeing Organza

Huzzah and hurray, I was back in my studio at last today!  After putting away detritus from the workshop last month, I got to it with the silk organza for my flame project. 
36 inches of yellow first,
then 48 inches of orange,
and finally 84 inches of red.   The width is 54 inches on all.  I have to piece the yellow and orange to have wide enough swaths to get around the hoops I intend to use when it comes to building the sculpture.
Being back to work made me feel happy like this inside my heart!


  1. I saw your drawing and poof! instantly knew you were very happy! (It shows!)
    Interested in the result of the dyeing ....

  2. Definitely comes through in the drawing!

    Sometimes one gets word verification words that just MUST be shared, and possibly defined... my word is - NESTSISI - I think it has something to do with Isis, but the person who made up the word was dyslexic...


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