Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silk Organza Flame Project, Continuing

I want to show you the progress made on my Pentecost flames.  Last week I posted the silk resting in dye pots. 
The organza on the ironing board, with tissue lame adhered with fusible webbing.
Detail of hanging layers #1
Detail of hanging layers #2
Detail of hanging layers #3
Right now I have all three sections pinned on a clothes hanger.  Tomorrow I will attach them to circular frames at their tops and finish the assembly.  I hope to get it hung in the church by Friday.


  1. WOW !!! Eternal fire out of your internal fire ! What a gorgeous effect Sus!
    (because of the "real" silk instead ... of polyester voile, the ironing was possible I think, though quite an adventure .... Ánd silk flows much better!)

  2. Beautiful - If I knew anything about Pentecost, I might be able to say more!!

  3. love the strong colour combinations that you do susan. And the three layers here combined look just incredible.


  4. The colors are awesome (I really like the first pic). I... don't know what else to say...! LOL!
    (Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water! I really do like the colors...)

  5. I love the colors in this project. So inspiring - how beautiful for the church who will receive your amazing artwork!


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