Friday, June 10, 2011


Yesterday was finishing day for the flames project.
First thing, I painted the wooden hoops the silk hangs on with acrylic paint. The diameters are 12, 14 and 16 inches.
 I did some experiments to figure out how to best finish the lower edges of the silk forms.  Angelina fibers adhered with a clear  fusible product called Trans-web was the way I chose to go.  (I remembered to take notes for a change)! 
 This morning my good friend S helped me hang the finished piece at our church.  This is looking from the rear of the church toward the alter.
This view is from our balcony.
Looking toward the rear of the church, we enter through the double doors, and walk under the sculpture.  Pentecost Sunday is this weekend, and we are ready!


  1. Amazing- a wonderful piece.

  2. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL Sus! Congratulations!
    The congregation will love it.

  3. Goodness! thank you for doing such a great job documenting on this blog. It is fascinating to see your tremendous pieces take shape.

  4. love it, it adds so much colour here...



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