Sunday, June 12, 2011

Small Experiment with Textile Paints

After the intense work getting the Flames project installed, I had time to open the jars of Stewart Gill and Lumiere texitle paints acquired while in Denver.  (The Stewart Gill's were a generous donation to SAQA and were included in our goodie bags at the Visioning Conference last month).  How wonderful to paint away with not an expectation in the world, just comparing paint and reveling in the buttery smooth feel of my brushes on the cotton.
 I drew first on the 100% cotton with a very fine point Sharpie marker and my trusty Pigma .01 pen.

Here's a detail  of 'Moonmask'.  This is pretty small, about 8"x10" I think.
Wishing you a creative week!


  1. Aaaah ! I know how big it is: we have some of these little jars of Stewart Gill ;-)
    Lovely moon mask: it's going to full moon again !
    (I bet the peolpe in the church were pleased?)

  2. Ah! I really like this one :)


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