Saturday, June 4, 2011

Screaming Green

My friend C has rightly termed June and July the season of Screaming Green here in southeast Alaska.
rice flower (black lily)
I have been feeling very fragile since getting back here to the island, vulnerable and prone to tears at the least provocation...
beach grass and buttercups (ranunculous)
After being absorbed in the anonymity of big urban places for a long month with my family the only familiar faces, it's been overwhelming to return to this place where every person is someone I know, if only by sight.
salmon berry blossom
I'm sure I'll get over this brittle mood, but until i do, I am grateful to live out the road, deep in the screaming green where I can have solitude in which to hide my fears and tears away.
devil's club and hemlock
 My mother always says that things will look brighter in the morning...
devil's club blossom
...and they always do.


  1. i understand what you are feeling. It is somehow comforting to know there are others as sensitive as I am.

    I had a friend who came from Saudi Arabia who used to say that all the green hurt his eyes.

  2. This sure is GREEN !!!! (at last...)

  3. In the summer, I call where I live "l'enfer vert" (green hell) so I know what you mean!

  4. "screaming green", yup, that way here, too! Maybe there's something in the stars, I spent a few fragile days this week also, including today!

  5. sus, i'm with zom... i think i understand what you are feeling...

    sending love...


  6. Thank you all for your kind and understanding comments! Deborah, I love the expression'green hell', that sums up the visual exactly!
    Happy week to all, sus


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