Thursday, January 19, 2012

And the winner is...

Thanks to all who left a comment on my first give away post last week.  The prize will be going to blogger and artist extraordinaire, Zom.  Thanks as well to all of you, new readers and long-time friends, who follow Flossy and I as we trudge the art trail. 

Today was extremely cold here again (it's January in Alaska, right?), but in my studio things were cookin'.   I started two new pieces, and bubbled with ideas for more.  It was one of those getting happily lost in the process days.  I am using a commercial batik for one and a commercial quilter's cotton for the base of the other, and applying textile paints with my rubber stamps as well as stencils, screen prints and brushes - creating chaos which I am bringing my own version of order to.  I will stitch this work eventually.
Here's a random picture of my work table mid-day.

I want to recommend a smashing read, 'A Game of Thrones'.  I just started the book but find myself thinking about the characters - and the world the author has created - when I am not reading.  What are you reading this month?


  1. Hey, your first give-away - my first win on a give-away. The truth is that I don't often enter, but the thought of one of your pieces was too tempting. Thanks so much for offering it.

    And guess what I just finished reading yesterday? Yup, the last of the series (that he has written.), the Dance of the Dragons. That is volume 5, and each has close to or over 1000 pages.
    I felt quite sad. It is such an amazing story and so well written. My advice is: either write a few notes or have a good memory. The story is so complex, but well worth keeping track of.

    Did you know there is also a television adaptation as well? Unusually it closely follows the book. It is excellent too.

  2. wow, between what you've said and what zom's written above, i'm gonna have to check out these books. they sound right up my alley... i'm reading the last book in an alison sinclair trilogy ('shadowborn') before heading back to john crowley's 'aegypt' series, which is outstanding.


  3. that shade of fuschia is my all time favourite color.

    Very happy Zom won the give away - she is talented and a fun blogger.

  4. Yay for the giveaway, what a great piece! And I love that purple shade in the process pic too. I'm reading Walden (I know, finally) and the first book of The Golden Compass. I'm definitely going to check out some of those other titles, too. Happy creating!

  5. Congratulations Zom!

    I've just finished reading a book my friend Deirdre has just finished and is looking for a publisher. It's one of those books I couldn't put down and the end, often the downfall of many books, is perfect. Oh at the moment it's called "Flowers of Thor" but that might change. :)

    Your photos actually made me shiver! Brrrrr. Your fushia fabric is gorgeous and fresh and warm. Glad you got to cook in your studio! xo

  6. Zom ! congratulations !! (the white world of Alaska is very different from your gréén !!!)

    Sus, I can imagine you're so fond of colours in this white winter season ....

  7. Hi, Susan. Lovely color on your batiked/stamped/etc. fabric. It will be interesting to see it with stitching. At this point, although I find your wintry landscapes lovely to look at, I'm thinking that I prefer my winter garden!
    best, nadia


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