Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winter Parts I and II

The pictures in my last post were taken as we walked north of our house along the beach which had been cleared of snow by the high tide.  These images may have left the impression that spring-like weather had come to our Island.  This is far from true.  We are actually deep in the heart of Winter Part II.  

We slip merrily through Winter Part I which begins in late October and lasts through the end of the December holidays.  Snow is a pretty novelty, the social rat-race distracts, and short daylight hours make evenings seem cozy.
Winter Part II, on the other hand, is serious business.  Extending from January to whenever spring arrives, we face a seemingly endless cycle of snow, rain, bitter cold, ice, snow, rain, etc.  The days do get longer by leaps and bounds, which is cause for celebration, but snow shoveling, ice grip wearing, and grey skies test everyone’s mettle.  Cabin fever sets in.  The lucky leave for Hawaii!  

Today was another day of snow which turned to rain mid-afternoon.  We walked the beach again when the tide was just beginning to ebb and I took some representative shots of Winter Part II.  
Snow at the tide line is very slushy.
Looking up the Wrangell Narrows, with Kupreanof Island on the left.

The spit at Spruce Point.

The Sailor's poor skiff, buried in snow.

Before you go, have a peek at my sewing machine, where this afternoon I was finishing a piece for the new Fiberactions challenge.  Shhh, the reveal is March 15th, so it's a secret until then.


  1. The shots of the narrows are beautiful. How I love mountains touching sea...

    Guess we're having YOUR winter here... Usually we stick with snow or at worst, freezing rain in January, but this year we are sliding back and forth so intensely between snow, cold, rain, ice, sleet and then warm days. Yesterday I was in a light sweater in midday.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. How does one get to be one of the lucky ones that fly off to Hawaii? I'm going to have to figure that one out.

    Beautiful pics though. I understand the long-ness of winter all too well. Here's to staving off cabin fever for the both of us.

  3. You live in a gorgeous place, Sus--although a bit..CHILLY! This piece you're finishing looks very intriguing, can't wait to see more.

  4. weird weather for you guys this winter
    i love that you still get out and about in it...seems so many in snowy climes just hibernate inside for two months

  5. As I sit here with heat-exhaustion this is a beautiful sight. Happily trade a Sydney summer with you!

  6. Cabin fever! I used to experience it in Vernon, BC with 4 little kids and me stuck at home due to cold temperatures and icy/snowy roads. I don't miss that at all. I still shovel here on Vancouver Island.....once a winter instead of twice or more a day in Vernon!

    How do you cope with the long days and nights of darkness? What community activities go on in the dead of winter?

    Thanks for posting these photos Sus.

  7. OKAY Sus, I get the message: won't be talking of spring to you for some time ....
    But, stay put, make something lovely and colourful out of your (home dyed) stash ... I'm curious what your challenge has turned out to be.
    Hope the sailor keeps you warm and cosy when the weather is very bad, your pets around your feet, and a hot cup of "something tasty" nearby .....
    You'll be alright !


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