Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cat Toys

While the Christmas tree was up in our house, The Cats found that low-hanging ornaments made great play-things.  When the tree disappeared, they went back to fighting each other.  
Bert and William Wallace ready to fight
 We decided they needed a toy of their own, and I created the Squidoctopus.

 The Squidoctopus is enormously popular...
Thomas relaxes with Squiddy-boy

William Wallace acting like a kitten with the Squidoctopus
cat toy designs - watercolor and pigma pen in 6x8 sketchbook
...I plan to make some more cat toys someday soon. 


  1. that is a good looking cat toy, sus... made by someone who obviously knows what a cat likes in a toy.


  2. Your toy passed the cat approval test--huge!

  3. The squidoctopus is awesome, and so are those drawings!

  4. What a delight! I hope your guys play with their toys over and over and over again. My darling BeeGee tires of them quickly. Have a great week!

  5. Sus, the cat toys are brilliant!!!!!! Obviously Thomas and William enjoy Squidoctopus! How old are your boys? My kitty ignores the ornaments, finally, at 14yrs of age and after breaking way too many of them over the years!


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