Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

The third day of the current storm – we headed out the road for the afternoon walk, in search of a break in the rain, and found it...
  ...about 21-mile at Ohmer Creek.  
We walked the highway, which has been scoured clear of ice by the torrents of rain.
The blueberry bushes showed their fiery red stems against the gloom of the forest.
 We ended up walking all the way to the old log dump, three miles south of where we parked the truck.  It was a long hike back, but really beautiful.  So grateful the rain held off the entire time.
It was nearly dark by the time we got home. 
 The pets were glad get back indoors and onto the Couch of Comfort.
We were glad for a good dinner waiting for us in the oven, and the cake I baked this morning.
Happy week to all!


  1. Hi Sus, it's been raining here too but instead of walking we were tearing our basement apart! Your walk sounds like more fun and your cake looks delicious. And your "Couch of Comfort" seems to be very comfortable and cozy!

  2. Love the shot of all the furry ones on the couch! Do they let you squeeze in?

  3. Ah Sus, nature over there is sooooo impressive !!!!
    Ha, your cuddled up pets look like they're having found the cosiest place in the house! Did the two of you have some place left?
    That cake sure looks yummy!!! (btw: lovely stoneware!)

  4. that sounds like a lovely, long walk. having just got back from one myself i know how restorative they can be...


  5. What a wonderful way to spend the day.

  6. We have a couch of comfort for our dogs as well!! LOL!!!


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