Thursday, January 12, 2012

Give Away – Our First!

We at Flying Dog Studio (Flossy and I) want to include our Bloggish friends in celebrating our second Bloggiversary by having a little give away – our first-ever!  
Flossy hopes you will comment.
Here’s how it will work: leave us a comment on this post telling us what keeps you coming back to visit us.  Or you can just say hello.  Next week – January 19 – I will do a random number draw and the commenter with the winning number will receive in the mail…
...this little image I made with cotton fabric, procion dye and acrylic paint.  It’s mounted on mat board, all ready to frame or hang like it is.  The piece is about 6x8 inches, and the title is ‘Intercession’.

Thank you to our readers, followers, neighbors and friends in Blogland and beyond – here’s to another year of widened horizons! 


  1. What keeps me coming back?
    1. I like you
    2. I like your art (love actually)
    3. I like spending time reading your blog
    4. it's interesting getting to see your part of the world through your photos
    5.............okay I'll stop but there's more!

  2. Hi, Susan. Don't include me in the giveaway because I can't count on the mail services. But I come back because I enjoy your artwork, your beautiful photos of the region, and your thoughtful commentary, and because you are friendly and reciprocate...I always like hearing from you. Blogs are a bit like the old-fashioned pen pals.
    best, nadia

  3. hi susan
    i keep coming back because you are refreshing.

  4. what an impressive set of icicles flossy has grown there

    i visit flying dog studio blog because i resonate with your creativity, your lifestyle in a place abundant with natural beauty and a cute dog as a studio pal

  5. What a pleasure it was to have an art evening with you and fellow SAQA gals this week! You are a gifted artist and I thoroughly enjoy your blog. If I win this drawing I will be sooooo jazzed! But I've already won just being friends. :)

  6. Hi my dearest Sus, always love to come here and enjoy your magnificent Alaskan nature, your beautiful artwork in cloth, your interesting daily drawings (one of them proudly on our wall .... that fiberart would look lovely next to it ;-) !!!) and all the friendly words and encouragement on my own blog !
    (Had to look up "intercession" sorry, to me there are hands reaching out and bridges being built ....)
    Flossy looks lovely in her (his?) snowy coat !

  7. I'm new to your blog but I enjoy the ever changing art work I see and the the enthusiasm I feel after I've read your post to go and create. Flossy looks sweet.

  8. I have never commented, but I love looking at all of the beautiful colors and designs for inspiration for my pottery. :)

  9. I love seeing your photos of where you live; I think because it is both rather similar and entirely different to where I live. I like your attitude towards your art. But even more, there is something about the way you write that makes me feel like if we met, I would like you. :)

  10. It is so wonderful to find your lovely blog! I love the quilt that you have done for the Fiberactions Group!!!

  11. Wow, thought I'd entered before now. I love all your work, and most especially your drawing!


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