Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The latest Fiberactions Reveal was yesterday.  I wanted to show you some details of the two pieces I completed for the "split complementary" color challenge. 

My first color choice was yellow-green/red/violet.
Detail of the first piece, 'Language of Crossing Over', acrylic on cotton and linen, machine stitching
Detail 2 of  'Language of Crossing Over', which is 23"x24.5" in its entirety

Detail 3, showing the mix of my hand-dyed cotton (far left) and linen (center panel) and commercial batik (bands and right most panel)
 The second piece used green/red-violet/red-orange and is called ''Snare'; 26"x10.25"; acrylic and prismacolor on hand dyed and dye painted cotton.  Here are two close-ups:
The original background cloth was stamped with thickened procion dyes and then immersion dyed before additional stamping with acrylic and Prismacolor shading was added.  There is hand stitching and machine stitching as well.

Showing Prismacolor extending into the border of hand-dyed cotton, and hand-stitching.


  1. It really wás a challenge working with those complementary colours ... Probably fun to try something out of the normal path.
    Hmmmm, "snare": trees like grabbing hands ...
    (it's quite long and narrow, I like that size ;-) ....)

  2. The Language of Crossing Over looks like a very intriguing piece full of great symbolism

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. It is tricky working with complementaries, but oh when it works! I especially love the tree one and would be very grateful to see a bit bigger photo (hint hint.)

  4. Every time I come here Sus, I fall in love with something else! xo


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