Monday, May 7, 2012


Several small works emerging from a larger piece of raw silk eco-dyed last summer and textile painted in the fall are now being stitched and beaded.

the raw silk was dyed with onion skins and rust

After being fused to two layers of felt and machine stitched, the cloth hung on the design wall all winter.  Sometimes work has to incubate, right?  It's fun hatching a new little series this way, chopping up and re-configuring the pieces.  I plan to add hand stitching and seed beads, and whatever else seems right as I go along.


  1. oh, i like this *a lot*, sus...

    yeah, sometimes stuff definitely has to incubate.


  2. These small card-like pieces are fun to do, inventing new ways as you go. One thing leeds to another and another

  3. This is beautiful Sus! Incubate is one of my mottoes, though I didn't realize it til now--can't wait to see what else you do.

  4. Thank you, all!
    - Deborah – slowing down is hard for me, and I count it a victory when I can let anything rest! -sus

  5. Sus, incubation makes a good project into something totally amazing!


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