Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tyvek Beads in Denver

One more post from Denver, although as I write I am in the Seattle airport on the final leg of my journey back home.  My Mom, Dad and I shared so many fun times.  How grateful I am that we all survived my troublemaker younger years – couldn’t have without their unconditional love.
acrylic on Tyvek envelop
 Making beads of acrylic-painted Tyvek is a lovely addiction we indulged in one cool, breezy morning.  We cut apart Tyvek envelops, painted them with a combination of acrylic paint and Lumiere fabric paints... 
 ...cut the dried paintings into long, narrow strips and then...
... twisted the strips around a bamboo skewer.  Some we wrapped with embroidery thread.  The twisted strips were then zapped delicately with a heat gun (ventilation, please).  Push the melted twist off the skewer and the result is a wonderful bead.  

Bet you can't stop with one!

Thanks again to you, Razt and Dad,  for all the love in Denver!


  1. Great idea! Love your new blog banner. Glad you had a wonderful time with your folks! xo

  2. Those beads look like great fun. Thanks for the tutorial! And welcome back to Alaska. I'm afraid we got a bit of the rain forest up here in the north this weekend.

  3. Hey : new hearder : hi there Sus !!!
    Yes bead making is fun, working with tyvek is fun (bought a metre I think on the last crafts fair)
    Great you had such a wonderful time with your parents !
    So do I get this right: your mom sang the "mom song" some odd years ago ??? ;-)
    (ha we're all a bit difficult from time to time !)

  4. Denver seems like a great place to visit!
    I hope the sunshine follows you back to your little bit of heaven on stilts!

  5. sounds like you had a great time reconnecting with family
    love your tyvek beads, did you prep the envelopes with gesso, or just paint straight onto them?

  6. Those beads look like lots of fun- might have to try that myself! So glad you had a good visit with your parents.

  7. p.s. thank you for not making us go through that wonky work verification stuff- half the time I can't decipher it!

  8. Wunderhübsch! Paperpearls. Glaube ich gern, dass man da kaum aufhören kann zu perlen ;)

    Liebe Grüße . Tabea

  9. The original nonwoven technology. Since the initial discovery in 1955 that led to Tyvek, DuPont has been a recognized global leader in selective barrier ...


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