Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Complaint Department

'In the Mirror' ink drawn with alder stick in 8x6 'gamma'

'Better in the Morning' Pigma Pen and Prismacolor pencil in 8x6 'gamma'

'Talktalk' watercolor and Pigma pen in 8x6 'gamma'
Last evening I wasted an hour trying to get into my flickr account to load new images without any success at all.  Problem is (I think) I had inadvertently set up two accounts and although I had my accounts with yahoo and google talking to each other at one point, they no longer are for whatever reason.  I keep getting an error message when trying to sign in - BAHHH! If only I could talk to a living human being at Yahoo about this problem, you know, like an old fashion complaint department.

Thanks for listening to my whinging!  I'm off to the Mighty Mighty Day Job - my 'Friday' there today.  Tomorrow will be in the studio where I will be dyeing -YES!!!  Happy mid-week, All.


  1. Great drawings, as always, Sus. I know what you mean about Yahoo -- it's the worst place to have problems because there simply IS NO human to help, nowhere. I still have problems there occasionally because the email that I used to set up my Yahoo account originally is not my current email, and they won't let me delete it despite the fact that everything goes to my current email address. Hope your problems are fixed by now.

    This is your last year on the job, isn't it? Or was that just wishful thinking on my part?

    Take care, have a great week! xo

  2. Oh gosh! No worries about complainin! But while we're on that note...don't you hate it when there is no human to ask, or help in some the store, the huge lobby of the (fill in the blank) so you wind up walking five miles back and forth to get where you're going, the other end of the telephone line...oh the list goes on. Humans are important. We like them. We need them. Three cheers for humans! *smiles* Norma

  3. Sus, come on down to my house and we'll have a big ol' WHINE party (maybe with real WINE- that might help, eh?). Someone should have sat us all down before the computers started and said, "Now whatever you do, NEVER SET UP 2 ACCOUNTS!" I made this mistake years ago (on blogger- but it applies to all of them) and am still paying for it even though I can't access one account at all but now have to re-follow all the sites I followed...
    Well, you know.

    I hope you're dyeing happily!

  4. Hi Sus
    if you feel like a distraction from account maintenance you could participate in this weeks mini drawing challenge! Im hosting a quick response challenge this week over at my blog if you are interested in participating.

    H x


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