Friday, June 22, 2012

Who - AM I?

The drawing challenge from Patrice - who am i - was a good companion thought all week and lots to draw about.  As the philosopher said, the unexamined life is not worth living.

I found I am lots things...
'Who Am I' gouache and pencil in 8x6 'gamma' sketchbook
 And I wondered, these things, they are things I do, and roles I take, but does that really answer the question of who I am, or does it answer rather what I am? 

pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 'gamma' sketchbook
Who I am, I think, is most truly revealed in the free-form wanderings of my subconscious laid down in my daily drawings. 

'Help Me Help Me Help Me - Thank You!' - pigma pen and water color in 8x6 'gamma' sketchbook
The who, for real, served up daily through the Grace of the One who made me an artist.


  1. wonderful visual processing of identity

    it helps me to think of the first list of 'titles' as our doing list:
    we do work in the studio = we are an artist
    we do work in the office = we are an employee
    we do work in the home = we are a housewife

    yet it is the 'being' part that is the core of it all

    how are we being
    why we choose that way of being
    who inspires that being

    and you have also embraced those questions in your musings this week :-)


  2. hello susan!
    so nice to meet you!!
    I am loving your drawings
    (that tree inside!)
    and your words
    the questions you ask
    and yes
    keep dancing in the rain!

    thank you for joining
    and sharing

    Patrice A.

  3. Susan, I saw your comment at Zelda.
    This theme gives you such good work
    love it!

  4. Love there drawings, Sus...especially the first. And your thoughts about life, your words. Lovely. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  5. wow sus, the middle drawing... so expressive, so elegant. total love here...


  6. Sus your line and color just take me places. Lovely places filled with thought and feeling. I love your work so much.That grass and greenery in the bottom piece looks like fire and my eye saw it as red at first which is a kind of a trick of the eye because red and green are opposite on the color wheel and together or side by side they hop back and forth. But this green doesn't need actual red to hop for me. Those leaves are dancing and the figures are fire walkers. Awesome art you do. Divine. Love it, *smiles* Norma

  7. lovely drawings Sus!
    In particular the last one I just love the pose of the dancing girl it really is wonderful.

    Helen :)

  8. hello Sus,all the things coming to our mind when asking that question 'who am i' are so beautifully illustrated here , striking details, i love th pose of that woman in the last one, caring, her dancing orange shoes.
    artists are revealing themselves in their work, aren't they, the subjects, the lines and ues of color, the titles, it all tells a great deal about the maker when one looks carefully.

  9. it leaves me wondering so much, if the philosopher said, an unexamined life is not worth living. ..
    i love the bending woman's curve in your last drawing so much, it says so much about a woman's life too.

  10. Dear Sus,
    its very nice to meet you!

    I've scrolled on this blog and on your others and am delighted.
    Your textiles are great!
    And your drawing of your SINGER wonderful.

    Even here now, so much to explore.
    Soft and gentle and wise.
    Thank you.

    x Ariane
    (moon sign in the Crab)

  11. What a great exercise. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  12. Hello Sus, nice to meet you - and I love the 2nd drawing the most.


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