Saturday, June 2, 2012

Scene Recently, #27

While I was away, the scene turned GREEN. 

Even with the temperature hovering below 55 degrees F (13 degrees C) and steady rain our hardy plants are growing and flowering.

Salmonberry - we are going to have a great berry year, I think.

This muskeg plant is called Labrador Tea.  The leaves can be brewed in the fall.

Flossy, looking - wise?   Inscrutable?  Steely-eyed?


  1. do you eat salmonberries?
    what do they taste like?

  2. Lush greens !!!! Hip hip hurray !
    I can see the salmon berries coming ... little green "buds" ;-)
    Ohhhh Flossy is so cute : good dog !

  3. I just love the smell of Labrador tea. I wish that I could bottle up the smell. It is the aroma of summer in the woods in Alaska to me.

  4. Yes! Salmonberries are edible. They make real good jelly when mixed with apple juice or raspberries. I also like to make salmonberry shortcake with the fresh berries. They have a taste something like a bland strawberry. Lots of seeds like raspberries.

    Labrador Tea is also called Kinikinick.

  5. oh my, what a lot of lovely green...

    flossie looks like she's got her eye on something for sure.


  6. Mmm isn't it wonderful to come home and see how our little corner of the world has changed while we were gone! I love the pink of the muskeg plant. Did Flossie spy a rabbit?

  7. Susan

    I LOVE FLOSSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant believe how she looks like my dear boy Boony (he passed away a couple of years ago at the ripe ol age of 17!) Boony was a border collie collie cross. Flossie looks exactly like him.
    Sorry but I loved my boy and miss him can join the drawing challenge its open to anyone who wants to join in. We all take turns hosting a weekly theme of our choice. You just let Mano know you want to participate in this weeks challenge by commenting in her blog post. Follow the link to mano's blog from mine or Caroles. Let me know if you cant work it out ok?

    Helen :)


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