Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Our days are at their longest - the green and silver hours dim to twilight around 11pm and birds sing me awake with the full onset of daylight at 3 am, but no insomnia.   

View across to Kupreanof from the top of the 40,000 Road on Sunday afternoon

 There is good change afoot in the family again, so I drop back asleep under my quilts until the alarm at 5am.   

40,000 Road on Sunday afternoon
Across the Bay, morning clouds rise like yeasty dough to drape themselves in languid lovers embrace across Tonka Mountain and I begin the day grateful.  Grateful to be one of the Living Ones, one of the Humans, even when it’s hard sorrow to be lived through as in mourning the death of old friends as we have done on this island lately.  This beautiful summer light won’t last forever.

Happy Solstice to All!  Hope you are walking in gratitude today.


  1. Happy Solstice to you! What a gorgeous place you live in, where the longest day of the year really is very, very long.

  2. goodness me, that is a very long day and a very short night

    love your misty shot of the road disappearing over the hill amidst a forest of conifers

  3. Grateful for the summer, grateful there seems to be some progress, and grateful that friends that are no longer there will be in our hearts forever!
    Happy Solstice!

  4. Wow, 11pm -3am. I would like to experience that some year. We of course just had winter solstice, but nothing so dramatic - 6:30am and 5pm. We are too close to the equator for the dramatic shifts.

    How warm are your summer days?


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