Saturday, June 30, 2012

Drawing Challenge - Dnah Tnanimodnon

The challenge evoked a memory of drawing class at University with one of my favorite and most demanding professors who often gave us this type of assignment.
non-dominant hand in 8x6 'gamma' sketchbook
Also, this week: much new work flying up on the old design wall.  I washed out the procion dye paintings started last week.  (The best was to do this: soak the cured paintings in ice water for half an hour or so, followed by washing them in the machine with cold water and synthrapol detergent followed by a hot water machine washing).
The three on the right below are textile paint on low-water immersion dyed cotton. These paintings and the ones above will all be machine stitched and who know what else on the way to completion.
Lots of miles to go on the way to hanging my show in September, but I feel very fired up about the journey!  Where are you headed next?

Make sure you go have a look at the other non-dominant links over at Norma's!


  1. Sus, your nondom looks pretty free to me! Why the tears on winged man?
    Your dye paintings are gorgeous! So bright and cheerful and fun. Keep that fire burning, Sus, this is going to be fabulous!

  2. wow. i find your non dominance excruciatingly precise!
    am also intrigued by your textile washes!!

  3. Sus I wish I could pen a wee poem for you to describe how wonderful your work is and how it makes me feel to view it. First I have to talk about your fabric paintings...they are an installation in the making and you are a unique and original and creative artist. Fabby work!!!! Second (but not second in my appreciation factor) is the non-dominant drawing. Your character has such a heavenly (or other-worldly) piece of headgear on. He is handsome and awesome and I think I might be a little bit in love with him. *smiles* Norma

  4. great drawing
    you all are so good in this
    I like that slapping hand
    and your textile washes makes me
    very curious....

    Patrice A.

  5. dear Sus, it is so very easy for me to get in the mood, the imagination of your work, a bit like we are speaking a kind of the same imagination language.
    i love those works in the bottom picture, x

  6. Hello Sus!
    Thank you for your lovely comments!
    I would not have dared to paint with the non-dominant hand - you have such control!
    And your textile paintings are really interesting - I'll be back for a longer look!

    PS Have you tried natural dyes on textiles?
    It's so much fun!

  7. Hi Susan, You have done very well with your nondominant hand, really!
    Ah, I love Krazy Kat, but my favorite is the mouse Ignatz, in fact many times I have changed my name in my blog by Ignatz, and he was my avartar
    Good week, thanks for stopping!!!!!!!!!!:)

  8. I love how your drawings/paintings are translating to fabric. What fun you'll have quilting these pieces. Re: your non-dominant hand, you're way better with that hand than I am with my dominant hand! Have a good week, enjoy the mid-week holiday.

  9. At first I really didn't know what to make of your title (it took some time ;-) !!!) But then I was amazed about your drawing I think your hands are both dominant ! At least I couldn't do a thing like that !
    (though I can easily write upside down : teacher's ability I guess ....)

  10. sus, truly, i believe your nondominant hand person is friends with mine... xoxo

  11. Dear Sus,
    your non dominant drawed painting is great. It reminds me little bit of a harlequin. Maybe because of the tears?
    Even your textile drawings are great... wow. Colourful and vivid.


  12. wow that nondom hand drawing is really something. I love it all. Your artwork looks really amazing on fabric cant wait to see how this will evolve. Your work and processes are really interesting Sus

    I like!


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