Saturday, June 9, 2012

Two Sunny Days

Lucky for us, there were two sunny days this week.  Waterfalls caught my eye on the afternoon walk Wednesday.

These long summer evenings afford plenty of time for an after dinner stroll in our woods.

Blue sky is a blessing I can't get enough of.  There was more today.

I spent most of my studio day stitching beads on my Fiberactions challenge - shhh - the reveal is still weeks away!  I think my color inspiration is obvious.

Flossy and I drove out the road after work to enjoy a walk and cook a hot dog at Crescent Beach.
 The skunk cabbages are big enough to dwarf my diminutive dog.

Wild flowers grace the roadside.

There was a ring about the sun, signal that the weather will be changing overnight.

Layers of green - such a proliferation of texture!  These sunny days are the reason we endure all the rainy ones here in Alaska.


    you take your dog for hotdogs on the beach!
    this made me laugh :-)

  2. Glad you could enjoy some sunshine Sus !
    The photos are showing so much lush (yes: rainy days) green ! Those flowers along the roadside are lovely ....
    Thanks for the sneak peek of your beaded colourful challenge : colours from Alaska !
    (and a hug to your walking-pal Flossy !)

  3. Flossy is adorable, I've been meaning to tell you! And I'll be pleased to send you some sun--we have more than enough. Your beading is very intriguing and I'm looking forward to the reveal :)

  4. It's so lush and green! So glad you got to enjoy the sun with Flossy. Skunk cabbage is such a beautiful plant to look at. We have a park two blocks away we walk through just to see the skunk cabbage! Too bad it smells so bad. I wonder why it does? What is it protecting itself from?
    Have a great week, Sus!

  5. Susan this is a corner of the world so fresh and clean and lovely. Thank you so much for showing it to us all. Your dog is wonderful. Way cute. I'm about to go investigate your flickr. page(s) because I just noticed small teasers on the sidebar here. I cannot describe how I love your 'line.' *smiles* Norma


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