Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Extremely Quiet and Incredibly Close

blueberry (not ripe yet, they are late)

salmonberry (also not ripe yet, and very late)

wild violets are in bloom in droves out in the woods

Flossy on Three Lakes trail, establishing the size of a GIANT tree blown down during last September's storm


  1. Beautifully captured. That must have been some storm you had there.
    No evidence of berries here yet. I'm almost out of last years freezer batch, had to borrow some from someone else's freezer.
    it's a southeast kind of day here in the interior. Always hard for me to get motivated on these damp days.

  2. Beautiful photos. The tender greens are gorgeous! It's been so unusually windy and dry here in Southeastern Wisconsin lately (and very hot again later this week), that everything has been much too early this year. Lots of plants are turning brown and going dormant or dying. A strange year.

    Flossy is adorable!

  3. Wow, Nature is só wild out there : those trees (they dwarf Flossy)... must have been a heavy storm !
    Sorry all the berries are late , hope they ripen in time to enjoy them ! That hazy blue of the blueberries is beautiful

  4. Sus, it is so nice to sit here and feel your quiet. After a busy week I am finally able to catch up on my favourite blogs and see what you've been up to. Raining again here after a few days of dry and even some sun! xo

  5. Flossy is sooooo cute I love her! Blackberries are my fav I have them most mornings for breakfast.

    Great pictures Sus

    Helen :)


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