Sunday, July 15, 2012

Colors of My Name

The Fiberactions group challenge this time was to work with a limited palette of two colors plus black.  The two colors were to begin with the initials of your first and last name.  After brainstorming a long list of colors meeting that criteria, I decided on sapphire and chartreuse.  I also decided to limit myself to working on a black background, using only fabrics from my scrap bag.

Chartreuse immediately steered me toward a leafy scene, inspired by my walks along the beach here at home.
Black remnants from my scrap bag formed the tall, narrow backgrounds.

After fusing all the leaf and grass shapes, I joined the units with black sashing strips and got ready to stitch.

Beading sounded like fun, and I spent several days adding sparkle to the scene.
'View from the Beach Fringe'; 11"x14"
detail - 'View for the Beach Fringe'

detail - 'View from the Beach Fringe'
Do stop by the Fiberactions blog and have a look at how the other participating artists handled the colors of their names.


  1. Very striking colour scheme. I like the way of picking colours :)

  2. I just thought... is there a colour that begins with 'z'?

  3. Your scrap bag must be out of this world amazing to create something so lovely and colourful using two colours! xo

  4. Beautiful! I hopped over here from Fiberactions to see more of your quilt. Now I'm enjoying browsing your wonderful blog.

  5. Original way of picking colors and great results! beautiful panels. Chartreuse is one of my least favorite colors, but how it makes things sparkle and dance.
    best, nadia


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