Saturday, July 28, 2012

drawing challenge - cross stitch

pigma pen, watercolor and gouache in 8x6 gamma
 The challenge presented by Nadine was interesting and pleasing to my obsessive nature.
I layered and crossed out and layered more. 
Stop by Tiny Wolf Nadine's excellent blog to see the rest of the challenge drawings.


  1. I love this, sus! I've started drawing, doing zentangly kinds of things. Am really enjoying it, using one of my newly made little journals. Have a splendid weekend! xo

  2. love it!!

    this needs to be printed would love it on my wall

    Helen :)

  3. Sus, love the variety of sizes and colours in your cross stitch. It's like a mini cross stitch quilt. :) Carole xo

  4. I love it!
    the colors
    the difference in size
    the layers
    it would make
    a fine carpet
    I think


  5. I love it! I would like to have your pattern on my bedlinen!

  6. What a strong graphic piece Sus!! Here is what I see: this is a study for a larger piece. I mean large. 5 feet by 7 maybe. In acrylic and fibre. Layered. Layered. Layered. Layered. If I were a billion zillionaire I would commission you to paint this imaginary painting for me. If I were a zillionaire I'd just buy you a house where you could work on it. I love this treasure. *smiles* Norma

  7. oh,
    dear Susan,
    fantastic! I really like the different sizes and colours of crosses... would be a nice rug, no?

    X Ariane.

  8. hey susan, this is actually, erm, taking my breath away. i've just had to just sit and look at it, and look in all directions, and see the details and then the whole design...

    reading your comment afterwards... obsessive. you have nipped this one in the bud! for if this is how one can 'handle' obsession, (;)))), then you're onto something big! the colours work so fine, the composition is both retained and free. it just really moves me.
    hey, i think i agree with norma too. big piece, mucho impression. yeah?

  9. hmmm sus, i feel so very familiar to you because you made stitches with a pen/brush;)) beautiful! x julia

  10. This would make a pretty textile design for all kinds of occasions - in the kitchen, a bedroom or even a child's dress.

  11. stitching with brushes - great! and so beautiful!

  12. I love the cross stitchings... like X's.. which is one of my favorite symbols and a lot of them together makes for a lovely texture.

  13. Too cool. It looks stitched. Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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