Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scene Recently, #29

The past several days saw a break in the relentless rainy cold, providing the flowers a chance to flourish around town and beach.
Weird reptilian leaves in a downtown planter.

A flurry of blooms in the planter outside the fabric shop downtown.

Seen in a garden while walking to the post office.

These are Alaskan wild roses, and so fragrant!

FINALLY, we are starting to eat salmonberries.

The wild celery is already going to seed - seems early for that...

A pretty composition of wild beach blossoms.

Wild fox glove along the trail of the afternoon walk.
Hope your week is going well.  Rain is forecast here for later today, but I have really appreciated the little break!  Happy day to you.


  1. Love those leaf colors!

    Oh, these extremes! We are melting here at RavenWood... and the garden is wilting, but "they" say there might be rain soon. Send some along!

  2. Beautiful flowers! Those Alaskan roses appear to be rugosas, definitely the most highly scented. I had wild rugosas in my garden in Southern Humboldt 15 years ago -- the buds I picked and dried still smell heavenly!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful (and cooling) display of Alaskan flora! Everything here is parched and dry, waiting for rain.

  4. Hey Sus, with all the rain you've been getting everything is lush! It's cloudy and cooler today after a week of hot weather. Finally I have some energy again to work in the garden and clean the house. I hope you get some more sun really soon! xo


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