Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drawing Challenge - Finger Painting

Our challenge this week: 'Finger Painting'.  I was surprised at what came up for me.  Goofing, I traced around my right hand as it sat atop a previous drawing in my sketchbook.  Applied water soluble crayon using my finger as the brush to push the color around, delighting in decorating.  Very satisfying and direct. 
Next night I traced my (non-dominant) left hand, then did the same thing, Cran D'Ache with a wet finger for a brush, only this time, intuition told me to STOP when the first colors were laid down.  No decorating.

An AH HA moment of comparison, then.  I think my drawings unconsciously revealed the difference between my two hands, the dominant right which does all the fun art making got all the glory once again!  And the stalwart, quiet left which bears my wedding ring, is content to play a supporting role.

You can see lots more finger painting over at Carole's place


  1. love this Sus

    I really like them as a set so similar but so different too.
    Weirdly i favour the left handed painting being a lefty myself I wonder if there is some hidden signal calling out to me :)

    Fabulous love it!

    Have a great weekend



  2. Sus, this is lovely, both the finger paintings and the sentiment. I laughed when you said the dominant hand gets all the glory! I hadn't thought of that but it's a very interesting idea. xo Carole

  3. very interesting comparison, indeed! i feel actually challenged to try this and see what comes up!
    i love the numbering on the nails.
    it's the quirk in the details, always attractive to me... ;)))

  4. great idea - wonderful result! :-) mano

  5. dear Sus, i had to smile at the unintentional symbolism in your painting, and your love for colour is there too plus some wonderful details that lift it all to another stage, xx

  6. This was a fun challenge, your response is fabulous! I loved reading your reflections on the finger paintings. Great job. :)

  7. Dear Sus,
    as Nadine, your painting of your right and left hand makes me wanna try it by my own!
    Your words, mean your explanation, makes me more curious about you :)

    x Ariane.

  8. Sus isn't it fascinating what comes of art. I mean what comes to mind...from the subconscious part to the conscious part. So surprising. Not only do I get a kick from my own unfolding...I love seeing and hearing about others' and especially when they talk about it. Just fabby. Loved this post a lot!!! *smiles* Norma

  9. such simplicity but strength in these images
    as always, i love the way you approach artmaking


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