Sunday, July 22, 2012

Return of Two Forest Favorites

William Wallace, our Norwegian Forest Cat, is the elder statesman here on the beach, and beloved Uncle to the other pets.  
William Wallace and Thomas on the Couch of Comfort
Although devoted to our family, he does take a vacation from time to time.  No matter how many times he has taken these leaves of absence, I end up worried sick about the old duffer. 
I woke to the squeal of eagles in the trees outside my bedroom window this morning – like a welcome home chorus for Uncle William who was peering through the French door when I came downstairs.  His disappearance lasted two weeks and a day this time, and I was thinking maybe he was gone for good.  He is 17, after all.
Also reappearing in the woods this weekend, the noble blueberry - ripe enough to start picking!


  1. aww those two cats curled up together is such a touching image
    glad William Wallace came home

  2. What a sweet welcoming home William had from the other kitty! Pasha is somewhere thereabouts in age, since he was adopted from the pound, I don't know for sure. They age well, those wild Maine Coons and Forest cats... I've actually begun to wonder if Pasha is a N. Forest cat as folks don't seem to be allergic to him and I've read that is one of their traits? Or is that the Siberians, maybe its the Siberians that folks aren't allergic to. Oh well, whatever. Glad he's HOME!

  3. So glad W.W. came home again. I can totally relate to the devastation one feels when a beloved cat goes solo for a while.

    Hope you have a lovely week. xo

  4. Do you know the song "the Cat Came Back"? Obviously William Wallace has heard it! :) I understand your concern when he's missing. Our Isabelle is now 15 yrs old and I get panicky when she's gone for more than a day!

  5. mr wallace is really a beautiful sir! I love norwegian forest cats very much! they look like wild cats!


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