Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Drawing

'Bubbly' - watercolor & gouache in 8x6" 'gamma' sketchbook

'Geometry' - watercolor and pencil in 8x6" 'gamma' sketchbook'

'Grid' - Cran d'Ache and pencil in 8x6" 'gamma' sketchbook

'Skiff' - Pigma pen and watercolor in 8x6" 'gamma' sketchbook
Happy 4th of July - Independence Day here in the United States.  Flossy and I are off to the parade and dog show in the little town.  Pictures of this craziness to follow!


  1. I like your bubbles and circles and grids and drawing. They are lifting me up this morning.

  2. Guess what!.....sunshine! I hope it's sunny for your parade and dog show. These drawings are sunny and brightly coloured. xo Carole

  3. I like all the ideas that are bubbling out, Sus! I keep wanting to work in a sketchbook, but lately just end up drawing on old scraps of paper. Well, at least I'm drawing again, and you've been an inspiration.

    Happy 4th of July!

  4. Love your dailies and the work in prep for your show too. I can see you're all fired up!

  5. Hi Sus, hope you and Flossy had a really good time today !
    (Ha! Grid .... not staying inside as I see it)

  6. love all of your drawings Sus but I keep going back to the first one its a bit special.

    Just to let you know this weeks host for the drawing challenge is Patrice she will be posting tomorrow but if you were interested on hosting let Ariane know.

    Helen :)

    1. Sus Im such a wally its Rachel not Patrice as this weeks host. I must get my eyes checked........

      H x

  7. dear Sus, sketchbookpages, always so interesting and there's that spontaneous beauty of wandering, i feel attracted to your 'geometry' x

  8. Sus do you usually use the pigma pens for your drawings? I am looking for a recommendation of a good fountain pen for drawing. Do you ever use one?


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