Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tree House

The drawing challenge this week was 'Tree House', the theme chosen by the incredible Rachel.  I enjoyed thinking about tree houses the past couple of days, remembering how much I loved being in them as a child; the books I have loved that featured a tree house; the one the Sailor built out in the back yard walnut tree for our children when we lived in Seattle, really more like a floating boat deck - no roof or walls, just a floor and a railing...

Once the Boy got hung up on a branch coming down out of the tree, and I rushed out with scissors intent on cutting his shirt to free him.  He came down quite suddenly, falling into me, and there was blood everywhere as one of us had been stabbed by the scissors.  I thought it was him hurt, and was all horror - but realized that no, it was me, bleeding from my arm!  We laughed like cats at that later. 

Pigma pen and watercolor in 8x6 'gamma' sketchbook
Anyway, I love tree houses.  Maybe I will get to live in one some day.  You never know.  Make sure you go by Hi Happy Panda and have a look at the tree houses artists in the challenge drew this week.  Thanks for the fun, Rachel!


  1. Love it
    Very nice :)

  2. Dear Susan,
    a real treeCastle! Its wonderful!
    and I can see in both directions... first yours, with mother in the roots and then mother wearing a tree including house and ladder like a hat... still in mind your bloody accident.

    You perplexes me with 'Swiss Family'. Is it true?


  3. Sus, I see there is a door in the tree also. Is that a secret staircase into your adorable tree house? It's wonderful and happy.
    Yikes, do you have a scar? The warning should be no running OR catching with scissors! xo Carole

  4. oh, that story about a floating boat deck
    how I would have loved to see that!
    and your drawing....
    out of your head
    and the little details
    like that balcony
    great, just great!

  5. Sus, your treehouse, with treecastle qualities, the composition of the drawing, the grass hair, the words, so wonderful to look at and the treehouses you carry with you in your heart, precious memories, lovely! x

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  7. Ooooohhhh this house is so chichi! Fancy detailing in the window design and the gingerbread overlapping tile roof. Those round windows in the attic area. Completely charming. It looks like there's a wee balcony off of the attic area. I'd hang out there lots. I especially enjoy the door at the bottom...I see it as a back door entrance. Love this drawing. Love the location of the treehouse. This would make a fabulous setting for a short story. It does get my imagination going. Wonderful work Sus!! *smiles* Norma
    p.s. I did purchase a new stick of glue! :)


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