Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Work on paintings for my show with Pia in Juneau next month has been proceeding apace with the other projects due this month.  Friday is the opening reception for our annual Women's Invitational exhibit at the museum.  (I will be posting more on that later in the week).  In the mean time, I offer a couple of details from one of the Juneau paintings.
'Below and Above' (working title); detail 1; acrylic and paper on canvas

'Below and Above' - detail 2
Working alone in a vacuum most of the time, it is possible to loose perspective - to question if the paintings are strong - if I am deluding myself - wasting my time.  BUT - Saturday I had a most valuable critique session with a fellow painter whose work I greatly admire.  I feel completely validated and energized to carry on with this body of work ( as if I had a choice anyway)! I look forward to sharing these paintings with you in early December when I am ready to get on the ferry and take them north to the gallery in Juneau. 


  1. Great painting, have a wonderful show! xo

  2. Really great paintings. How I would love to see these in person. Don't worry, they're strong and make me want to start painting!

  3. Mmmmmmm Sus, it's great when someone (whom you admire) gives you credit for your artwork !
    That keeps the engine (even more) going !
    Good luck my dear Sus !

  4. Hi Sus, the details look colourful and loose. Now I really want to see the whole thing. I would love to see them in Juneau! Show me more!!!!
    How long is the ferry ride? xo Carole

  5. dear sus,
    they are strong! and have anything in it that i love, boats, houses in trees, wonderful colors and ladders. how i would love to see that show, please let us know every detail!!! xx julia
    ps.i know what you mean about working in a vacuum, it's hard sometimes, but it is a privilege too! so enjoy;)

  6. Beautiful painting--you've been hard at work :) Good luck with the show xoxo Deborah

  7. too right... as if we had a choice.
    and the choice works, it comes together.

  8. Congrats on the show, Sus, and I look forward to seeing all the work. (not in person, alas... )


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