Saturday, November 24, 2012

Girl & Gramma, Woods & Wolf

I read the story again.  There are several versions.  In all of them, the Wolf gets the short shaft.  
Little Red Riding Hood on the way to Gramma's, watched by the Wolf, stage right.
(Both drawings here are Derwent ' Inktense' watercolor pencils and Tinted Charcoal in 8x6 Epsilon)

The Wolf beats LRRH to G'mas, eats her up and hops into her bed to trick the girl and eat up her, too, but a Woodsman intervenes to the Wolf's detriment.
Flossy does not approve.

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is illustrated by many other wonderful artists linked over at Patrice's, who brought us this challenge.


  1. beautiful illustrations, I love the "old" style!
    x Stefanie

  2. lrrh also reminds me of this saturday morning i was picked up by dad from saturday classes (i musta been tiny), and we'd had the fairy tale told to us by misses. the memory is entirely vague, perhaps even built on by more recent associations. but i clutched that fairytale to my breast, as we went off, visiting an old nana in the capital. there, the corridors smelled of old age.
    it 's a memory of sorts.

  3. In your drawing the wolf is sooo cute and sweet, I can't image that he would do any harm, I guess he is vegetarian waiting for a nice hot soup and a fairy tale being told - and sweet little red riding hood surely will keep good care of him and the will live happily together ever after.
    xoxo Barbara

  4. Sweet and classical! Giving me a sentiment of childhood fairytale books. Little Red Riding Hood for real, kind of ;)

  5. Ohhhhhh ! Little red riding hood has style: when you look at her stockings ..... ;-)
    Poor wolf.
    Do you still have wolfs over there ? Here in Eastern Europe there are some and moving West to Germany and maybe to us, but we don't have that many woodlands ... (though people are not too keen on that !)
    (Btw lóve the story and drawing of the wolf by "Mermaid in the Attic" !!!)

  6. derwent, ha, that brings memories
    I LOVE your drawings
    like Elisabeth, memories of old fairytale books
    beautiful artwork

    thank you!

    Patrice A.

  7. and yes, you are right
    I used that image from the previous post
    I loved her, dark haired and that beautiful cape
    it's how I want to see her
    not a victim or a little girl
    more grown up

  8. Your illustrations are delightful, which is no small feat when you think of all those before who have tried their hand at the same story. So many versions, as you said... Your wolf looks a kind of sweet and friendly, I think- the better to fool us, my dear! - lol.

  9. I so agree! I always feel bad for the wolf. But your drawings are so classic of this tale- just wonderful!

  10. her socks and that so many of us feel bad for the wolf!
    in my version he has to eat fish;)
    xox julia

  11. Flossy wouldnt approve.....:)

    lovely drawings Sus I really love the colours in the first one,

    Have a great day

    Helen x

  12. wonderful drawings! I love your little red riding hood so much!
    :-) mano

  13. i like your little rr hood walking fast through the pine forest, looking at your drawing i remember, her mother told her not to wander around and stay on the path,and that bonnet on the woolf's head...yes sometimes it are very simple things that bring back ones childhood, beautiful work Sus, xx

  14. She has the most delightful stockings on!
    Wonderfuly illustrated : )

  15. I love Little Red in her stripey pink tights!
    very nice!!


  16. Honestly Sus, that wolf is so darned cute I could just make him a cuppa and a chocolate banana cake with frosted icing and serve it to him in bed. That smiling face, those lips, those teeth. What a handsome charmer. I love your style of illustration in these two pieces. The trees in the forest are just exquisite. Lovely work art friend! Norma, x


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