Saturday, November 17, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Habit

Word association: 
You say 'habit'; I say 'bad'.

'Habit' - acrylic, oil stick, graphite and paper on book page; 8"x6"

detail 01

detail 02
When a bad habit caught me in its vicious circle of hopelessness, the only way out was surrender and prayer, one day at a time.

Many more takes on this theme 
by talented artists 
can be found over at Kirsten's fascinating blog, A Sunny Spot.


  1. yeah i was wondering about that lavitating aspect in the right hand corner, and besides those symbols i simply adore the 'whitewash' over it all, rendering the tale {which it to me is} a weathered, lived effect.
    this is quality composition too!
    and i hope you feel less bad. still, this is a way out.. love the word association.

  2. great! the compostion and the book page and the size
    the houses are so nice and I love the ladder.

    bad habit, I was thinking about, too.
    about my bad habits. Well,

    x Stefanie

  3. this page really draws me in
    layer upon layer


  4. beautiful and strong, sus...


  5. I love your mixed technique and, just like Nadine, the white layer. I also thought of bad habits, maybe this will be a day to strengthen the good ones...

    Hope to see you again next dc, getting to hear more about you.

  6. Hi Sus, this is really intriguing/good! I love a white layer too. Thanks for your kind comments xoxo Deb

  7. Dear Sus,
    very strong! Love that white layer and scratches and of cours that ladder... it shows your best intention for your 'bad' habits :)

    x Ariane.

  8. Well, Sus, I don't think all the bad habits that appear in your drawing are (still .... ;-) !) yours
    Love the texture of all the layers

  9. LOVE those houses with the two moons above Sus. I'd love to see lots more of this type of collage...I mean with houses...I've been dreaming of house shapes. Maybe I'll dig out some papers and scissors and see what I come up with. I love this piece. Those ladders. Oh those ladders. There's tons more here in this piece so I'll be coming back with my magnifying glass to have a look see. Lovely work as always. Hugs, Norma, x

  10. fascinating! I love your materials and your look at the "bad" habits! beautiful work! :-) mano

  11. 'bad habit' turned into a beautiful work of art Sus,it already graps you at the firts look and than all those details, the strong use of colour, the torn edges, powerful piece , xx

  12. Renilde is right
    a bad habit turned into a fine work of art!
    the colors
    the layers
    that cross through the word habit
    all the details


  13. Your work is so compelling to me- I've really been admiring it as of late-and will echo Renilde love the bad turned into beautiful- really great!

  14. Great detail in this artwork Sus
    I am loving the composition and the washed effect the layering of imagery is just so interesting. They do say some good always comes from bad I think this may be it.

    Helen x


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