Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Daily Drawing

'Her Complicated Hat' pigma pen and watercolor in 8x6 epsilon

'Jellyfish Land' watercolor and casein paint in 8x6 epsilon

watercolor, prismacolor pencil, casein paint, etc, in 8x6 epsilon
Here is a little offering of recent sketchbook pages; I continue to make time to draw most every evening before climbing the stairs to my book and bed.  Hope the week is rolling smoothly along for you.  My calendar shows a skull and crossbones as well as a full moon and lunar eclipse for today! Look out!


  1. O Sus, a lot is going on in yout hat (ha, in your head probably too ;-) ...)
    There is something bubbling up in the other two drawings (nice combination of different materials)

  2. nice, sus! how do you like the epsilon for watercolors? it looks like they work great from here...


  3. LOVE the watercolours Sus! How wonderful to make time to work on it daily. I keep thinking about setting a certain time aside each day for drawing.... it sounds wonderful, I just need to do it!

  4. i am drooling over these sketches
    so appealing
    the series reminds me of the mad hatter, alice in wonderland, down the rabbit hole...

  5. Now that is a complicated hat. And I kind of thought of a heavy feeling I had this week. Maybe I was wearing a too complicated hat? Maybe thoughts never left my head, they just moved up on top of it...

    Lovely pictures.

  6. I feel very attracted to that tree, i would like to climb it an sit between those bubbling colors, x


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