Saturday, November 3, 2012

Abbild - Portrayal - DC

This week's challenge from our hostess Ariane-the-Rose lead me to use tea and rust dyed fabric scraps left over from my recent accordion book project to create a likeness of a doll I might have loved to play with as a child.
'Harriette' - tea/rust dyed vintage linen, antique buttons, pigma pen; approximately 8" tall
detail of Harriette
Did you (do you) play with dolls?  Did you sew for them?  Please do visit over at Ariane's - many more abbilder for your amazement and amusement there.


  1. here's a funny note. i'm debating going out to a nearby town in wallony, across the language border. one of my favourite places, actually, to just stroll about a bit.
    one of their trumps are the giants, that come out on festive occasions.
    one way or another your doll reminds me of such giant, perhaps because she is a little boxed in like that, i dunno. perhaps it's her posture.
    anyway, i will now go out, deffo. you've just convinced me.
    yes, i did crochet and knit things for dolls, when i was a child. i'd forgotten.

  2. honestly i was always a little bit afraid of dolls, especially the one i got. she was talking real stupid, always wanting me to buy her dresses or a little brother! this is how dolls for little girls where made in the late 1960ties... but yours is not scary at all, i really like her! hugs, julia

  3. I didn't play much with dolls, they made me angry, so I had to beat them and cut their hair - I was a really nightmare doll mum.
    Had more fun later with barbies and made a lot of clothes with fabric, leather scraps and glue - more fashionista dolls, that was fun and creative.
    Yours is beautiful, lovely and living in a dream box, I like your colours and fabrics.

  4. I think home made dolls are the best kind, and yours looks like the kind of secret friend I would have loved as a child too-

  5. No dolls here -- although I do have a menagerie of stuffed animals. But I love your doll. Have a great week! xo

  6. oh my goodness sus... harriette is wonderful. just perfect in every way... seeing her makes me glad that you haven't laid down the needle for only the paint brush. you have a gift with fabric... xoxo

  7. Dear Sus,
    your doll is adorable!
    Heriette's dress with the buttons is lovely and so is her box.

    My sister and I had a mixture of dolls and bears (all togethter our children) and sewed dresses and maked wooden legs for an very old teddy bear. I loved it.

    Thank you very much!

  8. I'm not attracted to dolls, though as a kid I loved making clothes and furniture for them. Even now, I'm more drawn to the box than the doll, though I like how surreal you've made your doll, Sus :)

  9. love the combination doll/ the box,they fit perfectly togetether, the face of the doll makes me think of a full moon,

    i remember playing 'school' with my dolls, i loved to write and draw things for them on a big blackboard and they all had their own little notebooks in which i did the writing and drawing, x

  10. your doll looks great!
    I love self-made dolls
    but wasn't a very good doll-mother
    but had a favorite bear
    which I took with me everywhere I went
    and I still have


    Patrice A.

  11. I love the materials, the box, the crosses in the back - I LOVE your harriette very much! :-) mano

  12. I love this doll Sus

    the materials are exquisite and her form is quirky and fun. I really like her contained in the box too. This is a great piece I hope you make more of these I would like to see Harriette with some friends.

    Have a wonderful week

    Give Flossy a big hug from me

    Helen xx

  13. Isn't she so grand Sus!!!! Oh how lovely. The delicate line of the pigma pen has done her justice. You are a natural at putting together a prim. I'd love to see you do more and then be on the front cover of [the Stampington line of mags.] PRIMS. I've seen dolls, paper dolls, construction style dolls, that are in a shadow box and yours reminds me of the ones I've seen and admired. The box gives her a surround and sense of place. Oh there are those crosses again! So grand this piece is, art friend! Norma, x
    p.s. I adore her. Such nice work.

  14. What a charming doll! I could never have appreciated her half so much as a child as I do now.


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