Saturday, November 10, 2012

Work and Walk

Painting continues, revealing its magic.  Order arises from the chaos of underpainting. 
acrylic collage on canvas in progress, 24"x36"
 Sometimes I sit and ponder... 

detail of collage in progress
 ...sometimes I dance for joy.

detail #2 of collage in progress
And at noon, I walk on the floats with my dog.

crab gear


  1. Yes, your paintings ARE magical and I enjoy your use of color. I find it interesting that you say you work in a vacuum (that would be an understatement for me), but maybe that's the way it has to be to get the work/play done?
    best, nadia

  2. rather very extraordinaryly graphic, this.
    i can also quite sense, and see, where your inspiration is coming from.
    i like the mix in this {unfinished?} collage.

  3. wow, what color - and form, sus... thank you... xoxo

  4. great work! I love the colours, the forms - and the place where you walked! :-) mano

  5. this is beautiful collage - really really really!
    x Stefanie

  6. The "making of" is always interesting: developement step by step !
    Wonderful the harbour in the sunshine ! Colours, reflections, ropes, rusty iron .....

  7. Wonderful piece, Sus. you have captured that harbor in line and color, not literally, but in mood and atmosphere. this painting is a place I would love to go and spend some time in.


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