Sunday, November 18, 2012

Welcome, Snow! (A post by Flossy)

How thrilled I was to wake up this morning and find the Snow we’d been promised by the Unreliable Weather Forecaster had actually started falling in the night.  
 I LOVE Snow!

 I was outside for the Morning Walk as soon as I could get Mother to put down her coffee and patrolled the woods on my own for a long time after she got home from Church.   

 Then we had the Afternoon Walk.  We parked our truck Bluebird at the Swan Observatory and walked to Blind Slough.  
 Well, Mother walked but I ran, which I do much faster in Snow.

 At the Slough there were a couple of snooty Trumpeter Swans gliding around taking offense at my barking.
They glided away from us in a hurry, so they are kind of hard to see in Mother’s photos.

 In the Picnic Grounds I had my first Snow Bath of the winter!
  It was extremely refreshing!
The First Snow tastes absolutely delicious, don't you find?

 When we got back in Bluebird I tried not to get Snow on the seats but Mother made me ride in the back anyway.  
Hmmph, again!
I hope you all enjoyed your Walk today as much as I did.  Winter is here and I am glad!  
Love, Flossy


  1. Oh Flossy, you're so beautiful. So glad you enjoyed the heck out of your first snow. Enjoy winter! Love from Cuz'n BeeGee

  2. I fell in love with flossy!! :-) mano

  3. Thank you, dear Flossy!
    The first walk in the snow this year has been really refreshing! Love the pic of your footsteps in the snow running circles.
    Best to Mother :)

    x Ariane

  4. me too, i love snow, beautiful! enjoy, x

  5. Hi there, Flossy, we see you had a great day .... But snow ? what's that ? (we are too precious, we never stay outside, we curl up next to the central heating or together on the couch (or even better, when no one is paying attention: in the baby bed for little Jaïr .... ;-) mmmmmmmmmmmmmm !)
    Give our love to mother, Bella and Bageera

  6. I can see why you would like the snow, Flossie; you have as much fur as my chow mix, Sunny. He thinks snow is such a great way to cool off. Looks like you had a great time!

  7. what enthusiasm your companion has - it's catchy! there is something so special about a first snow :)

  8. Thank you for the beautiful snow pictures. So cooling to look at on coming into our hot summer. We never get snow, though we do get hail storms in the spring.

  9. I couldnt stop laughing at Flossy....she is so cute I do love posts by her about her ;)
    Her having a snow bath and in the car hahaha!
    and I loved the fotos of her footprints.

    Flossy tell Mum thanks for taking the fotos for us to enjoy.

    Have a great day Sus

    Helen :)

  10. Love Flossy! Amazing photos. Such a beautiful place to live.

  11. Beautiful Flossy, your enthusiasm is contageous. You have such a nice mom to show us your world and love of snow. Norma, x


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