Saturday, June 28, 2014

DC - Nude

It is the way we come into the world:


A long time ago we stood that way
my friends and I
on a series of beaches in Southeast Alaska.
Only thing we had on was our Xtra-tuffs
for Bren's STRONG photography.

Last night I looked again at two photographers I believe are among the best of my generation:
Both took intensely personal pictures of the nude figure:
she of her children, her husband; he of his friends, his lovers.
I'm not going to lie.  Go have a look, they are the best.

Also last night, I remembered years of drawing from the figure at art school, and drew a couple quick sketches, just out of my head, for fun.
Nude over watercolor doodles in 6x8 sketchbook

 Nude after Sally Mann, pigma pen in 6x8 sketchbook

Over at Patrice's, many more artists have unveiled the bare naked truth about Nude for this week's Drawing Challenge.  Have a peek if you dare, and come join me next week as I host the next challenge.


  1. that first drawing, the black lines... so free...! n♥

  2. Nadine said everything I wanted to day about your first drawing! Wonderful use of pen and watercolour. It reminds me a bit of my little granddaughter hiding under her blankie after her bath. Happy week to you, Sus. xo

    1. Oh and Sally Mann's works are so personal I felt a little awkward and like I shouldn't be sharing such an intimate moment with them. Beautiful photographs by both Sally and Robert.

  3. I love the "Nude Over Watercolour Doodle". It's the playfulness!

  4. Yes, the top drawing is so free and expressive!

  5. Yes! that nude over water color is fabulous!!! Sus! seriously-

  6. Hi Susan, I love the combination of the lines and colors; wonderful! xo Leena

  7. lovely sketches Sus
    (the nude disappeared in the colours ...)

  8. your sketch is wonderful
    i am enjoying it over and over again
    the lines!

  9. I love Sally Mann's photographs....funny I did some of my drawings over old paintings ....your sketch over the water color came out wonderfully!

  10. Sally and Robert,
    dear Sus! such brave photographer! (or resolute)
    Love especialy your first drawing, 'Nude over watercolour doodles'... WOW!

    I am looking forward to your theme :-)

    xo Ariane.

  11. You drew 'just out of your head for fun' are you kidding me???!!! You got those lines down girlfriend! So great are these. Isn't it fun drawing over something, or painting over a drawing? Well I think these are so great Sus. Always love your work. *smiles* Norma, xo

  12. That's so wonderful Sus. I also looked at Sally Mann for inspiration. Love your nude over watercolour especially. :)

  13. Oh yes, Sally Mann's photos are great! Your nude over watercolour amazes me!! I had to look twice to get the nude within and the body appears so perfect, that I couldn't believe you call this a "doodle", that you "did out of your head for fun"!!! I'm speechless...

  14. I love the first one: the watercolors and those black lines. Like she is hidden in colors, really love that one! And I like the way you draw her feet, don't know why… Great drawing. Oh and I love the pictures of Sally Mann, they are just great!

  15. Hi Sus, I especially think the first drawing is very interesting, it has a very unique mixture of nude drawing and playfulness of colors and forms and a bit Picasso like!
    xo barbara bee

  16. I think I also like the first work, but the second is very interesting, I like the body you drew, has "power!
    Good week for you!


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