Monday, June 30, 2014

Drawing Challenge: Inner Eye

I was fortunate to attend the preview of Seattle Art Museum’s fine exhibit ‘Modernism in the Pacific Northwest’ the other evening.  Of the artists represented, the one whose paintings resonated most deeply with Daughter and I was Morris Graves (1910 – 2001).  Grave’s recurring theme ‘Inner Eye’ resulted in a particularly compelling body of work.  

‘Dove of the Inner Eye’ 1941 by Morris Graves
 The Inner or Third Eye – though invisible itself – is thought to perceive unseen spiritual realms, and is the theme of this the 141st Drawing Challenge.  All are invited to participate in the Challenge with any sort of creative response be it photography, writing, painting, or actually drawing.  

 If you want to join, leave a comment here saying you are in. The following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants and the host links to them all.
'Inner Eye Eagle with Chalice' 1941 by Morris Graves


  1. love your theme
    you knew i would
    wonderful images and inspiration for a theme
    lovely week to you

  2. How interesting, your love of Morris Graves' work. He lived in Humboldt County, and the local art museum here is the Morris Graves Museum of Art, operated by the Humboldt Arts Council. xo

  3. I spy with my inner eye something that is ... fabulous and fun. A drawing challenge right here, so count me IN IN IN on this one. I have ideas! Norma, xo

  4. Oh, I'm so in! I can't get Dali out of my head these days anyway. It's like a stuck song, you know, you can ignore it or put it on repeat and get it out, so may as well go with it. :D

  5. Sus, thank you for posting these pictures...he is one of my very favorite artists...there was a show at the Oakland Museum years ago, but I haven't had a chance to see his work in a long time. It touches something so deep. xoxo, S.

  6. une belle idée.. je me réjouis de voir les résultats...

  7. Dear Sus, please count me in. Wonderful theme!


  8. Yes, Sus I will try my hand at this! Thanks for the invite!

  9. Thanks for the great post! Growing up in the country north of Seattle I was always thrilled to have a visit to the Seattle Art Museum. My grandmother had a friend from Norway who taught school on Fidalgo Island and I went with Gram to visit there and heard about Morris Graves and his fine home there. Then in the late 90's I began the last of my work career in Humboldt County, CA and was delighted to see his home in Loleta and be a part of the development and opening of the Morris Graves Museum in the old Carnegie Library in Eureka. It felt like I was following him along...and your post, well just pure delight for me.

  10. Thank you for the Invitation on my blog. So sorry, I haven't got enough time this coming weekend. Best wishes,

  11. Thanks for the introduction to Morris Graves; his work is very intriguing.

  12. I'm in! but may be a bit late- very interesting theme ! let's see what comes up :)

  13. i'm pretty sure this is going to keep me mused all week. this is powerful stuff, sus. i'll love to play. n♥

  14. i want to see... if i think something about this fantastic theme!!! count me in please!

  15. Yes this is really powerful stuff:) I'm in, don't know what yet....And thanks for the invitation and introducing Morris Graves. - Eric

  16. what a fine theme!
    but.... i don't know where to find the time....
    i will let you know if
    but for now it's a no


  17. I have as yet no idea how to approach this theme - but please count me in and thank you for the invite Susan!


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