Saturday, June 14, 2014

Drawing Challenge: CokeCola

In this week's drawing challenge, our charming hostess Rachel of Hi Happy Panda commemorates her home city Atlanta, Georgia USA - birthplace of CokeCola.  (Who knew?)!

When I was a kid my parents were very strict about soda pop, which was considered a beverage for Special Occasions Only.  We NEVER hardly EVER got to drink CokeCola, but our cousins in Illinois bought it by the case!  Going to visit them in the sticky heat of mid-west summer meant being allowed to cool off with a frosty bottle of bubbly brown cola: HEAVEN! 

'Summer Icon' - Inktense pencils and graphite in 6x8 sketchbook

CokeCola still brings back many summery memories to me.
Please visit Rachel's blog for many more artists interpretations of this theme.


  1. i should call it likewise... bubbly, brown heaven... your sticky hot summer is right in there, in the colours of your drawing! n♥

  2. Colorful. A sweet summer drawing!

  3. same sort of family we had
    no soda pop fur us either
    and it's the same in our household nowadays
    for different reasons, but never the less
    but a cold cola on a summerday, hmmm....

    Patrice A.

  4. That's really lovely to have these memories Susan and you've drawn your summer memories beautifully. That reminds me, although my children grew up without any pop, and (heaven forbid), coke, I did treat their upset tummies with a little glass of ginger ale. Now that they are adults, they still have a little ginger ale when they feel sick and it calms their tummies down. Wonder if they'll do that for their own children. :)

  5. I didn't know that Atlanta is the birthplace of CokeCola. My parents were very anti- coca-cola. You've told me your memorie and it brings me back to my childhood. Only on a birthday I got it and than not the real one. To expensive I think.

  6. I really like this - how certain things can bring back such strong memories...I think because it was not a common occurrence in your home to have soda it probably gave the summer connection stronger memories :)

  7. Yeah, so true! That was a very rare and special drink back then and those days of exception felt unique! I totally remember drinking icecold coke on a sunny summer day and yes, it was heaven!! :-)
    Come and visit my belated dc tribute, too! Happy week!

  8. Ah sorry I couldn't read all the words ....
    summer's a real genie from the (lamp) bottle ;-)

  9. Love your drawing and your memories of childhood summers! Thanks for sharing your story.

  10. ICE COLD :]
    I like the drawing with the water lilies!


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