Tuesday, June 10, 2014

UPsideDOWN: DC (late)

Apologies to Patrice and All DC'ers for my tardy response to the Drawing Challenge.  Life itself has been a bit more topsy-turvey than anticipated since arriving back home last week - totally in keeping with the theme of the challenge, UPSIDEDOWN.

'Moon Rest' - 11"x7.5" acrylic collage on paper
As I review the paintings completed for our July exhibit in Ketchikan, the impact of my relocation from Island to City is apparent in every piece.  Here I see the Alaska State Ferry (upsidedown) at the top floating in the blackness of a winter's end sky, above the springtime cherry blossoms of my new neighborhood.  
The three houses descending in a cloud possibly stand for my little family of myself, Flossy and the Sailor.  I also see the prayers of my daughter and my friends for a safe landing.

Enough for now - thank you to Patrice for the challenge (make sure to stop by her place to see the other players' responses), and happy week to all Readers.


  1. It is lovely to meet you Susan! I like your response to the theme upside down from the drawing challenge! I am sorry to hear live is a bit upside down for you at the moment. The painting however reflects a lot of lightness and just looking at it makes me feel at home and cheerful.

  2. Hi, Susan. after seeing your painting, is not important that you've been late to DC. It's a good work!!!! I congratulate you!
    Yes, it would have been unfortunate that you had not shown! :)
    have a nice week!!!

  3. Such a beautiful painting Sus! I have always admired your use of color and composition- how lively your work is and the stories I see in them- always intriguing!
    late or not/upside down or right side up your work is a breath of fresh air for me :)

  4. this is gorgeous .... Love the colours so much ...

  5. Hi sus, this it the strongest painting I've seen of yours, maybe a bit topsy-turvey challanges is good for making good art! Wish you all the best with all changes.
    xo barbara bee

  6. Hi Sus, I'm so not surprised at your topsy-turvey recent life! I hate moving. What an ordeal. Your painting is lovely though and, if it leads to such wonderful art, maybe you should move more often...joking. :)

  7. how wonderful that you can reflect on your art and see such great reflections of your life. Always this is interesting. Then to each viewer it becomes something for them. Such a wonderful piece. wishing you days that feel good to you.

  8. I'm loving it! The colours, you imationation, it's great! Love the shapes and how it all comes together.

  9. I love the nice use of soft colors in your painting.


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