Sunday, June 22, 2014


One productive day in the studio this past week...

...drawing and designing, first in the sketchbook then on freezer paper...

...cutting out my pattern...

...and then cutting out the fabric...

And then:


I am a Bat Prototype.

Pulling the plug on the Mighty Mighty Day Job mid-August.  Coming up with a new plan.
(Gotta put Dog Food in a certain dish).

Happy week and hope your Solstice was full of celebration!


  1. Very productive day, Sus. If only bats were pink in real life..... people wouldn't be so afraid of them.... maybe. xo

  2. I love your batkin! I thought you quit the MMDJ -- or is this a new one that you'll be quitting? Have a great week.
    p.s. I love bats!

  3. this is wonderful
    i love bats, and we have mosquitoes galore, so they are awesome to have around.

  4. interesting synchronicity. I had a bat brush my hair last night when I went to the dunny. Very clever how you did his feet. Ours have tiny paper thin hands on the end of their wings.

  5. Oh my Sus, sorry I missed this !!!
    What a very swéét little bat !!!!!
    (but of course, you put the second last pic upside down .....)


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