Thursday, June 19, 2014

Elusive Indigo

The search for Roy G. Biv this month had me looking everywhere for indigo.  Somewhere between blue and black, more warm than cool, it's a hard one to spot.
Public art in the Ravenna neighborhood

Big planters nearby - we pass these most days on the morning walk.

Iris in a neighborhood yard (these guys are over now).

Last night in the cellphone lot, waiting for the Sailor's flight.

Pogo rests in the slant of sun in his indigo bed.

The offers of other hunters of Indigo may seen at links on the blogs of Jennifer and Julie.


  1. Looks good !
    (not like the "blues" at all ....hi hi)

  2. I think you did a fine job in your spotting :)

  3. Love those eerily lit road signs and Pogo is so cute! Thanks for playing this month!

  4. Such lovely, rich vibrant indigo ... I felt I was stretching the boundaries, but these are beautiful.

  5. Isn't indigo beautiful! You've spotted some exquisite examples. How big is that mug? Happy weekend to you, Sus xoxo


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